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We're a specialist sales and marketing agency delivering intelligent demand and revenue solutions. Our strategic approach and sleeves-up attitude has given us rich practical experience and made us a valued asset to some of the world's biggest brands.

While we're specialists in the IT channel, we apply our capabilities to a range of sectors – creative, modern, CRM-led marketing solutions across a range of customer touch points – digital, social, tele, field, mail and events.

With careful attention to our customers’ needs, we’ve stoked awareness, enthusiasm and sales through converged media in multi-channel environments. And we’ve done it with a focus on achieving outstanding ROI.

Discover Intelligent Demand Creation

We create demand and revenue growth. Intelligently.


Effective demand creation is measurable all the way through the pipeline, from initial contact to sales conversion. Achieving this is not simple. It requires experience and know-how to understand how the various customer touch points generate data, what to measure and how to see it in one dashboard.

Inbound Marketing

At Creation, we’re specialists in looking at your inbound channels, balancing investments in content, creative and media through tight project management to ensure whatever media you choose, the ROI you’re targeting is always front of mind. No two buying journeys are the same. That’s why every campaign we construct is dynamic, based on prospect data, market context, prospect engagement, content, media performance and prospect response. The objective is always outstanding ROI for our customers.

Marketing Automation

Given the effort required to attract prospects, it’s paramount to inspire the next action, and just as importantly, understand what that next action is. Scoring and ranking prospect behaviour helps you to drive new insight through marketing automation, CRM and Social Engagement Systems. We’re conversant in the market-leading platforms that help you understand exactly what’s happening in your sales pipeline. Pardot, Marketo, Silverpop, Eloqua – we’ve got it all covered.

Intelligent Demand Creation
Intelligent Demand Creation
Intelligent Demand Creation

Social Marketing

Alongside campaigns, we believe in creating conversations. We analyse over 50m sources in 25 languages to give us data on what people are saying across social media, with live dashboards that we make available to our customers. We also manage social engagement across Twitter and LinkedIn on behalf of our customers.

We’re ready to revolutionise your marketing processes, improving your campaign visibility, driving up attention and interest in your products and services.

Traffic, Nurturing, Leads
TOP OF FUNNEL activities drive contextual traffic. Find prospects using paid, owned and earned mechanisms.


The role of conversations cannot be underplayed. We’re all about getting our customers around the table. So, blog writing and seeding, forum posts, Twitter broadcasts, LinkedIn groups, content curation, influencer management, trending topics, keyword listening, sentiment analysis, they all get ticked off as vital elements to drive engagement.

MIDDLE OF FUNNEL activities track behaviours and nurture prospects with intelligent content and prospect scoring.

When is a prospect ready to engage? Only human intervention can determine that. We set parameters within the pipeline that tell us when we think the time is right. We let people do the rest. Skilled telemarketing, field agents or enabled channel partners take opportunities through to sales-ready leads and ultimate revenue conversion.

BOTTOM OF FUNNEL activities deliver successful conversion of high scoring prospects into qualified sales leads.


Nurturing marketing opportunities all the way through to paying customers takes time, consistency, commitment, great planning, even better execution and systems that support insight. Tightly defined lead definitions, lead passing processes, management systems and follow-up are essential.

Telemarketing for Results

We believe the best telemarketing is fed by the cleanest, warmest data, filtered through a multi-layered pipeline process where only the best scoring prospects get a call. We also believe telemarketing should emphasis relationships, not hard selling.

Field Marketing and Sales

The ultimate commitment to closing out opportunities and tightly managing this process is the deployment of field resources. At Creation, we have a long history of putting business development talent and partner relationship managers on the road to assist our customers’ sales efforts. Sales opportunities fed into your channel can be closely monitored with on-the-ground resources. Feedback comes back in, remedial actions can be taken, prospects can be nurtured, and we close the loop.

Knowledge and Enablement

Finally, we can help to deliver a better outcome through the transfer of knowledge across all stages of the pipeline. We specialise in helping channel partners better understand social marketing, digital marketing, marketing automation, business development and sales closure. The result is a better outcome for you and your partners.


We trade in two major principles of business success - igniting interest and developing closable sales opportunities. Our expertise lies in connecting up strong return on investment with the delivery of smart, modern marketing solutions. That's why we work with competitive brands that respect marketing delivery capability to unlock stellar ROI.

Bespoke technology is at the heart of every project we take on. With careful attention to customer needs, we stoke awareness, enthusiasm and sales through converged media in multi-channel environments. And we do this with a team of close to 100 talented professionals, all willing to make a difference to your results.

Our Services

Intelligent Demand Creation Services

Creative Services

From printed material such as business cards to billboards, to online platforms like websites and video, we take ideas from concept to reality. We’re skilled in print/web design; video editing/production; copywriting; branding and social media.

Integrated Campaigns

Everyone has a multi-channel audience, so we produce bespoke campaigns to span across a range of platforms. Using converged media and a strategy formed from market and customer insight, your focused message connects with the right audience.

Marketing Automation

Through tracking the behaviour of prospects and analysing interactions with your brand, we boost volume and quality of leads. This insight-driven approach to marketing delivers a rich ROI, lowering the cost of customer acquisition.

Event Marketing

You can reach valuable consumers through events, whether physical or virtual. We’re a creative force behind demand, delivery and lead management, engaging directly with prospects and customers.


We believe in dynamic engagement with your prospects. We throw away scripts and craft a solution to win over prospects, all measured in detail. Our smart approach also provides a multitude of compelling reasons to call.


We’ll take on the challenge of choreographing your campaign and engaging with your partners. The end result is a robust sales pipeline to match your strategic objectives.

Employee Advocacy and Social Amplification

We give you the tools and expertise to amplify your social campaigns. With the Social Leader Board, you can measure and motivate performance across your employee base, establishing incentives to enhance your influence and taking the hard yards out of staff social enablement.

Field Marketing

We have a proven track record of placing sales trainers, partner relationship managers and business development talent on the road to improve sales efforts for our clients. Channel enablement and pipeline development are just two of many key objectives achieved.

Intelligent revenue creation services

Partner Sales Training

Our expertise is focused on getting everyone enabled to do business. We believe in maximising your channels through providing sales training for your workforce, either face-to-face sessions or online knowledge-building courses.

Partner Skills Enablement

We train tens of thousands of people in commercial channels. This means we’re well positioned to formulate a bespoke development solution aimed to improve the sales skills and knowledge of your partners and staff.

Sales Asset Creation

The fuel for your campaign. As an integrated agency, we’re specialists in delivering the right content to engage internal and external audiences. From retail POS and direct mail to brochureware, sales collateral and online assets, we deliver against tight deadlines.

Partner Management

Break out of the limitations of employment contracts. Define your targets and we’ll provide you with an outsourced partner management team so you can flexibly grow your channel coverage model.

Field Business Development

Being experts in demand extends to how we convert business at the bottom of the sales pipeline. The ultimate extension of this is putting feet on the street on your behalf, with fully equipped, highly capable sales people ready to deliver closed business.

Tele and Multi-Channel Selling

A proven aptitude in establishing success for our clients, Creation has an eclectic range of skills to produce an astounding ROI. We’re a passionate believer in bespoke solutions to drive up your revenue and can deliver a combined tele and social selling capability, geared towards your customers.

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